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What the most thing I want u to know about it?

Actually….it has been very long time i want to snap the pic of my kampung and put it here…. just want to share the beauty of my kampung….. the scenery….. the people… 😉

Unfortunately….before this….i don’t have any digital camera….to snap the best moment of my kampung….( actually… i don’t  have any…. but some sort of gadget that can capture picture… oklah tu..kan. Tak ada rotan, akar pun berguna juga..:))

I always dream to have it one and would like to share with whole world about my world……

Thanks to my ex-housemate….kak Is coz sold me this wonderful gadget….

Share the picture i have taken during my Chinese New Year holiday last month…( Jan 2008 – can’t remember exect date actually…hehehe)

Scenery before sunset…        

 Scenery of Bukit Tunjang before sunset….

 Another scenery of Bukit Tunjang

 Another Scenery of Bukit Tunjang – I really like to potray this hill very much…



 My cousin syabil and my youngest brother ( the one on the mirror )

I like this picture very much –  my cousin – Syabil and my youngest brother ( the one in the mirror)

  1. da says:

    hamboiii nijaaa seronoknye balik kg!!!!! lawa gamba!

  2. nizarejab says:

    :)…eemm… dah ada Mp4 yg leh rakam nie apa lagi….hehehee… ambik gambar je lah kejenya…
    la nie dah ada kemudahan nak online..and as a student, memang kena online… insyaalahlah selalulah nanti meng up-date blog nie…

  3. mudin001 says:

    ha nija rajin2 le update, saya pn dh boleh baca blog..skang dh ada internet kat rumah.kat opis kan dah x leh bukak blog2 nih

  4. ida says:

    hhehee lupa nk logout nama mudin kat atas tuh..kekekeke

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